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BLOOD ON THE SEA - AMERICAN DESTROYERS LOST in WWII. Describes each battle of ALL 71 lost USN detroyers. Filled with eyewitness accounts, this is an astonishing record of courage, skill & sacrifice on both sides of the globe

Click to EnlargeBLOOD ON THE SEA: American Destroyers Lost in World War II. Seventy-one U.S. Navy destroyers were lost in WWII. Destroyers--the "skirmishers" of the Navy--were prominent in pitched battles from infernos off Guadalcanal and in Leyte Gulf, and off Salerno and Normandy. Towards the end of the war, the destroyers faced a new weapon: Kamikazes. Author Robert Sinclair Parkin has written a history of each destroyer's actions prior to its doom, as well as a context for the battle in which it was lost.

Filled with eyewitness accounts and years of research, BLOOD ON THE SEA is an astonishing record of courage, skill and sacrifice on both sides of the globe.

Seventy-one American destroyers went down during World War II, and this meticulously researched book describes the history of each-from launch to the ship's final hours. Through these stories we travel from the stormy North Atlantic to the calm Mediterranean, from the East Coast of the United States to the vast reaches of the Pacific, on destroyers from the USS Reuben James to the USS Callaghan. We join them-and their crews of young soldiers-as they engage the enemy and do pitched battle with German submarines, Japanese kamikaze pilots, or long-range cruisers.

Filled with eyewitness accounts, precise statistics, and historical contexts for each battle and each ship sunk, Blood on the Sea serves as both a tribute to these lost ships and a critical reference guide for historians and veterans alike.

416 pages with 32 pages of rare photographs.

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