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THE WAR NORTH OF ROME, JUNE 1944-MAY 1945. Northern Italy - The Forgotten Front of WWII...Except to the hundreds of thousands of men who fought there. Po River, Gothic Line, Bologna, Florence, Futa Pass, Livorno, Arno.

Click to EnlargeTHE WAR NORTH OF ROME, JUNE 1944 - MAY 1945. by Thomas Brooks. Foreword by Senator Bob Dole who was wounded in the German-held hills north of Rome. An extremely well-written account of the difficult fighting in the mountainous terrain north of Rome in 1944 and 1945.

Northern Italy - The "Forgotten Front" of WWII... except to the hundreds of thousands of men who fought there. Until now, an 11-month saga of bitter combat and gallant sacrifice has been neglected or ignored by the press and subsequently the world. This illuminating work finally reveals what took place in the WAR NORTH OF ROME, and the highlights the participation of EVERY Allied and Axis regiment, brigade and division on his "Forgotten Front". 10th Mountain Division, 34th Infantry Division, 36th Infantry Division, 85th Infantry Division, 88th Infantry Division, 91st Infantry Division, 92nd Infantry Division(Colored), 1st Special Service Force (Rangers), and 1st Armored Division.

A notable feature of the combat in Italy was the large mixture of Allied nationalities. Although the American Fifth Army (including the Black 92nd Infantry Division and the famed Japanese American 'Nisei' 442nd RCT) and the British Eighth Army were the major forces, there were also South Africans, Canadians, Greeks, Jews, New Zealanders, Poles, French, Gurkhas, Indians, Brazilians and others. Po River, Gothic Line, Bologna, Florence, Futa Pass, Livorno, Arno and all other key battles north of Rome.

421 pages plus 16 pages of photographs. Detailed maps. Detailed index of all participating Allied and Axis military units.

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World War II
War Against Germany
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