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ANZIO - EPIC OF BRAVERY. In late January 1944, U.S. and Allied troops landed on Anzio's beaches with little opposition. A full month later, 120,000 Allied troops on Anzio were being pushed back into the sea by the Germans.

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ANZIO: Epic of Bravery, by Fred Sheehan. The Anzio beach was one of the most bitterly contested pieces of land in World War II. Anzio is the beach town 40 miles south of Rome which the Allies sought to capture to cut off German troops engaged farther south in Italy. In late January 1944, 40,000 Allied troops landed with little opposition. A full month later, with 120,000 Allied troops now ashore, the Allies were no closer to Rome, and the Germans were attempting to push the invaders back into the sea. The fighting was savage and ferocious. The German General, Field Marshall Kesselring, would write after the war that this was for the Allies an "Epic of Bravery."

The author was a rifleman with the 3rd Infantry Division at Anzio. In preparing this book, he relied not only on his personal recollections but on extensive research into official military records. Softcover. 239 pages.

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World War II
War Against Germany
Softcover book
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