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BIG BATTLES OF WORLD WAR II (1939-45). 5-DVD BOX SET. See over 750 minutes / 12-1/2 hours of incredible WWII history preserved in digital quality!

Click to EnlargeBIG BATTLES OF WORLD WAR II (1939-45). 5-DVD BOX SET. World War II was the greatest rampage of destruction in the history of humanity - or inhumanity. Over a period of six years, 1939 to 1945, more than 50 million human beings died by violence, disease, exposure, or starvation, as a direct result of the war. In The Big Battles you'll see newsreel and combat footage combined with latter-day interviews with military personnel who experienced the war first-hand. The Big Battles box set contains all five DVD Volumes in the series. Each volume contains three 50-minute episodes, with each episode depicting a separate campaign of this most horrible of wars. Over 750 minutes of incredible history has been preserved in digital quality! DOCUMENTARY

--Volume #1 BLITZKRIEG: THE OPENING BATTLES IN WESTERN EUROPE contains the following battles/episodes: Battle of France - Blitzkrieg, Battle of France - Defeat, Battle of Britain.
-- Volume #2 BATTLE OF THE ATLANTIC: SUPPLY LINE TO FREEDOM contains the following battles/episodes: Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of the Pacific - The Rising Sun, Battle of the Desert
-- Volume #3 AIR WAR EURORE AND THE FIGHT FOR RUSSIA contains the following battle/episodes: Battle over Europe, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad
-- Volume #4 THE TIDE TURNS IN THE ETO contains the following battles/episodes: Battle of Normandy, Battle of Italy, Battle of Germany
-- Volume #5 THE CLOSING BATTLES OF WWII contains the following battles/episodes: Battles of Berlin - The Russians are Coming, Battle of Berlin - Death of a City, Battle of the Pacific - The Setting Sun.

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