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ROSIE THE RIVETER: THE HOME FRONT, WWII. -DVD VIDEO- As men left their jobs to enlist in the armed forces, millions of women joined the labor force as factories expanded & American lifestyles and ideals changed.

Click to EnlargeTHE HOME FRONT: ROSIE THE RIVETER is the story of the sweeping social transformation that rocked American society during the years of WWII. This was a chaotic time, full of promise and fear. Opportunities abounded as old taboos fell away. As men left their jobs to enlist in the armed forces, millions of women joined the labor force as factories expanded to fill the needs of wartime productions. ROSIE THE RIVETER uses the period's newsreels, propaganda, documentaries, movies, music, and humor to show how traditional American ideals, lifestyles, morals, and ethics changed during the war.

Episode 1: STRING OF PEARLS. In A String Of Pearls, patriotic American women answer the call to duty - in the armed forces and in the factories and shipyards. The newsreels of the day view them as a sexy wartime novelty. But despite condescension and prejudice, women win a permanent place in the American armed forces. This is a major change in American life, but women discover that men in charge consider the change temporary.

Episode 2: ON THE SHADY SIDE OF THE STREET. In On The Shady Side Of The Street, the seeds of the sexual revolution are sown in wartime America as young people in large nmbers leave their hometowns for military service or work in the war plants. Bobby-soxers become V-girls as juvenile delinquency and VD spread across the nation. "Allotment Annies" prey on servicemen. Even "nice" American couples find it hard to reconcile romantic traditions with wartime realities.

Episode 3: IT'S BEEN A LONG, LONG TIME. In It's Been A Long, Long Time, the war ends suddenly with the use of the atomic bomb. War industry has to be shut down and millions in the armed forces demobilized. The GI Bill, the baby boom, and new materialism sweep the new mass-produced suburbs. Vast social changes are underway as millions of college educated vets enter the middle class.

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