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BLIND MAN'S BLUFF: The Untold Story Of American Submarine Espionage. THE USE OF US NAVY SUBMARINES IN CLANDESTINE OPERATIONS. This real life Hunt for Red October is a story Naval Intelligence doesn't want you to know.

Click to EnlargeBLIND MAN'S BLUFF. When this book was published in 1997, it created a whirlwind of comments. All during the cold war, the US Navy was using its top secret submarines to conduct clandestine operations which even James Bond could not match. This real life Hunt for Red October is a story Naval Intelligence doesn't want you to know: the dramatic history of America's highly clandestine, dangerous, and sometimes deadly submarine espionage missions, from the Cold War thorough the Clinton administration. Over the course of five years, investigative reporters Sherry Sontag and Chris Drew interviewed hundreds of men who had never spoken about their underwater lives not even to their wives and children. They uncovered a wealth of classified information: the tapping of undersea Soviet telephone cables, the stealing of Soviet weapons, the tragic collisions of enemy submarines. They tell of medals awarded in secret and deaths disguised with disinformation.

Blind Man's Bluff is a critical work of history that reads with all the excitement of a Tom Clancy novel and all the tragedy of Das Boot. Project Ivy Bells allowed subs to tap into the Soviet's top secret naval base telephone links. Project Jennifer used a US Navy sub to locate a sunken Soviet nuclear sub near Hawaii, which was later salvaged by the CIA. This is a great book!

REVIEWS: "Brilliant . . . Full of hair-raising stories of men in peril under the sea." -- Wall Street Journal

"With materials combed from newspaper reports, American and Soviet archives, and the testimonies of officers and servicemen that could come forward only with the end of the Cold War, Blind Man's Bluff looks at one of the hottest theaters of that era--the ocean depths, and how submarines have been used by both the navy and the CIA to gather intelligence and launch covert operations . . . " -- Kirkus Reviews

"A compelling study of magnificent men and spying machines." -- New York Times Book Review

"A long overdue, well deserved tribute to those unsung heroes of the U.S. Navy's ?silent service' with whom I was privileged to serve." -- Lt. Cmdr. Roy H. Boehm, USN (ret.), creator of the U.S. Navy Seal Teams and author of First Seal

"A real life Hunt For Red October." -- New York Times

"From page one, it reads like fiction. How they uncovered all this stuff is remarkable." -- Don Imus

"The most comprehensive look at the work of these intrepid sailors . . . A celebration of their ingenuity and valor." -- Baltimore Sun

"Reads like an adventure story, but it's all too real." -- Seyour M. Hersh, author of The Dark Side of Camelot

"The veterans of the 'Silent Service' are silent no more." -- John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy, Wall Street Journal

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Cold War
Naval Warfare
Hardcover book
Airborne / Elite / Special Ops

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