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THE TASTE OF BATTLE: Front Line Action, 1914-1991, by Bryan Perrett. A Cassell Military Paperback.

Click to Enlarge"Faction" is what this book should be called. The author, with much experience recording the history of actual battles and combatants, has not created a novel but has invented fictitious characters in an historical setting to make them think and act as men of their own time. Few people today have any experience of real war. Even regular troops can serve an entire career without experienced combat. Yet our fascination with combat persists. What is it like? How does the ordinary soldier find the inner strength to go on? The Taste of Battle explores these questions. In a unique and well-researched narrative, the author follows 12 fictional soldiers, volunteers, professionals, and conscripts alike, through the landmark conflicts of the 20th century -- from Mons in 1918 to WWII, the jungles of Malaya and Vietnam, and the sands of Kuwait. These are stories of front-line action at section, platoon and company level, as seen through the eyes of the men who have no idea of the grand plan, never see a general, but whose actions and courage make the difference between defeat and victory. This is the real taste of battle, as courage, loyalty, and duty are put to the ultimate test under the most terrible of circumstances. Soft cover. 255 pages. B/w photos.

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Combat Memoirs / Biographies

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