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AMBUSH AT OSIRAK. A gripping, tense novel with the speed and agility of a jet fighter in a dog fight! A secret Iraqi nuclear reactor is operational & the threat is nuclear war. PRICES SLASHED--

Click to EnlargeORIGINAL HARDCOVER EDITION! AMBUSH AT OSIRAK by H. Crowder. A top rate military thriller with spies, terrorism and high tech air warfare. The new Iraqi nuclear reactor is now operational. The Israeli Air Force, having destroyed the first reactor in a daring strike mission is ready to go in again. But the Russians have other plans, plans which can result in the destruction of Israel The threat is nuclear war, and America is caught in the middle. The result is a thrilling page turner.

READER REVIEW: This tale is created from a combination of spy vs spy vs beautiful spy, fast-moving high-tech action, and the Israelis finally having had enough. This leads to the brink of world war, as the Israelis plan to bomb an Iraqi nuclear reactor protected by secret missle sites. Our hero must avert total disaster in the best Ludlam-esque manner, while of course becoming involved with the lovely but secretive sabra and dealing with the "is he, is he not" double agent. The fact that it is set in a Middle East aflame with hatred on all sides is what makes it so timely. This is fiction, but just barely. 364 pages.

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Aviation: Military
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Aviation: Military

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