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SHADOW FLIGHT. A superb military a techno-thriller set in the near future, Castro declares war on the U.S. after a Stealth bomber hijacked by the KGB is landed in Cuba.

Click to EnlargeSHADOW FLIGHT. A novel by best selling author Joe Weber. An explosive story! AMAZINGLY REALISTIC! During a special training exercise, a top secret B-2 Stealth bomber disappears. Intel points to Cuba as the likely destination and the CIA's mission is to find the B-2 before the President calls for an invasion of Cuba and a show down with the Russians.

KGB chief,...decides on a plan to seize America's most threatening new weapon. Months later, on a routine training flight, a B-2 Stealth hijacked by a civilian weapons technician turned traitor. At gunpoint, the pilots are forced to fly to Cuba -- a flight that, due to the radar-resistant properties of the aircraft, is untraceable.

As the superpowers waltz arm-in-arm in a deadly dance of nuclear brinkmanship, only one man (Steve Wickham) can save the plane and its crew -- and avert a global confrontation. Joe Weber, author of "Defcon One, returns with another brisk thriller. A sweeping story old with ringing prose and peppered with nail-biting shoot-outs, escapes, and military maneuvers, this novel is as action-packed as a high-tech aerial dogfight. "Shadow Flight" is techno-thriller action at its very best! Hardcover.

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