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2nd MARINE DIVISION COMBAT HISTORY IN WWII. 3-DVD video set. Follow the 2nd Marine Division's major battles and campaigns including Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan and Tinian. This brave division suffered 11,482 total casualties

Click to Enlarge2nd MARINE DIVISION COMBAT HISTORY IN WWII. 3-DVD-R video set. American Fighting Divisions video series. This brave division suffered 11,482 total killed, wounded and missing in four major operations. Follow 2nd Marine Division from Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian & the Marianas with real WWII combat footage. Approximately 3.5 hours total.

In November 1943, the 2nd Marine Division mounted the first genuine Marine Corps amphibious assault on Tarawa, which proved to be the most difficult and bloody amphibious assault in history. During 76 hours of some of the bloodiest fighting the world has seen, 5,000 Japanese and 1,000 Marines DIED IN AN AREA SMALLER THAN THE PENTAGON & ITS PARKING LOTS. The Marines also suffered 2,300 wounded during those three days of hell.

Saipan, an island roughly 14 miles long and 6-1/2 miles wide was the most heavily defended island of the Mariana Group. During the initial American assault, dozens of landing craft were stranded on the reefs offshore of, unable to move. Deadly Japanese artillery, mortar and heavy machinegun fire caused over 2,000 casualties on the first day.

Off shore, the United States Navy’s 5th Fleet Admiral Raymond Spruance commanded a vast armada of 535 ships including 7 battleships, 21 cruisers and 69 destroyers that defeated a large Japanese strike force in the vicinity.

TINIAN: After a ferocious pre-invasion naval and air bombardment on July 24, 1944, the 2nd and 4th Marine Divisions fought one their most successful battles, killing nearly 5,000 Japanese defenders on Tinian at a cost of only 300 Marines killed, and secured the island in seven days.

A Special introductory commentary is provided by historian and CIB Media president Frank R. Cambria, Captain, US Army (Retired)

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