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THE AFRICAN AMERICAN SOLDIER: FROM CRISPUS ATTUCKS TO COLIN POWELL. 200-year history of African Americans who fought for their own personal freedom as well as that of their fellow Americans. --DISCOUNTED 60%--

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THE AFRICAN AMERICAN SOLDIER: FROM CRISPUS ATTUCKS TO COLIN POWELL. by Lt. Colonel Michael Lee Lanning. Brings to life the battles in which Blacks fought so bravely from the American Revolution and Civil War through Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. This fine work details the significant roles of Blacks in the military during American Revolution, the Civil War, the American West, Cuba, both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf/Desert Storm wars.

During the American Revolutionary War, more than 5,000 African Americans stood along side white rebels in integrated units against the British forces. In the War of 1812, African Americans served in both the U.S. Army and Navy.

In the countless battles and skirmishes of the Civil War, over 200,000 African Americans fought and 37,000 died on the battle fields.

400,000 African Americans fought in World War One. Two black infantry divisions were formed--the 92nd Infantry Division and the 93rd Infantry Division--fighting NOT alongside white Americans but rather as detachments under French command, where they wore French uniforms and carried French weapons.

More than a half-million blacks stepped forward in World War II to serve and fight in segregated units. Within the Navy, 150,000 blacks served, but with the exception of two vessels manned entirely by blacks, few seamen were allowed to hold combat positions.

It was not until after the Korean War--when the U.S. military was officially desegregated--that blacks finally tasted the fruits of racial victory when the USA armed forces provided fair and equal training for all service members, setting an example for the rest of America.

By the time of Desert Storm, black men and women served in every position and every rank in the armed forces, including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Author Michael Lee Manning, who served on General Schwarzkopf's staff, brings to life the struggles of African American soldiers for equality and their ultimate triumph. 310 pages. Photos.

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