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BATTLE ACTION: GREAT BATTLES OF WWII PACIFIC THEATER. DVD VIDEO. LAND, SEA & AIR combat. Four films. Battle of New Britain; Arawe, Rabaul, Cape Glouster; Leyte Gulf; Action At Angaur, Palau; Okinawa. Two hours.

Click to EnlargeBATTLE ACTION: Great Battles of WWII. -- Four action-filled films on one DVD VIDEO; 2 hours total.--

[1] The Battle of New Britain - Dec. 1942: A naval task force hits Arawe, Rabaul, Cape Glouster. B-25's sweep enemy positions. Marine and army units hit the beaches. In mud, sludge and blood, the foot soldiers add yet another page of combat glory to his tradition.

[2] Battle For Leyte Gulf: History's greatest single naval engagement. A jolting document of men in war.

[3] Action At Angaur: Hellcats soften up the enemy dug in awaiting the 81st Infantry Division 'Wildcats'. Bitter hand-to-hand fury for "Shrine Hill," "Saipan Town," and "The Gulch."

[4] The Fleet That Came To Stay: The BATTLE FOR OKINAWA. An awesome tribute to the 400,000 fighting men locked in a battle against Japan's Kamikaze Corps. 4,232 of these fanatical pilots took a one-way flight.

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