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9th INFANTRY DIVISION 'OLD RELIABLES' in VIETNAM and WWII. The 9th fought 31-months in Vietnam and Cambodia which cost 2,624 KIA and 18,831 WIA, and 30 months in WWII suffering 4,581 KIA, 16,961 WIA, and 750 MIA.

Click to Enlarge9th Infantry Division 'Old Reliables' in Vietnam and WWII. Compiled by the 9th Infantry Division Veterans Assn. Covers combat operations of the 39th Infantry Regiment, 47th Infantry Regiment, 60th Infantry Regiment, Riverine Infantry 9th Infantry, 3/5th Cavalry, 2/34th Armor, 39th Cav Air Cushion, artillery, etc. Commemorative Limited Edition Unit History Book.

The Old Reliables was in combat 30 months in WWII from Nov. 1942 through the end of the war in Europe on May 7 1945, suffering 4,581 KIA, 16,961 WIA, and 750 MIA. The division had the distinction of fighting in more major WWII campaigns than perhaps any other American division: Algeria-French Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes-Alsace, the Hurtgen Forest, the West Wall and the Rhineland.

The Old Reliables returned to war on the other side of the world in Vietnam in December 1966. The 9th Division had its first battle with the communists on January 20, 1967, to begin its 31-month war in Vietnam and Cambodia which cost 2,624 KIA and 18,831 WIA. The division also had America's only Riverine Infantry Brigade which teamed with the US Navy to create the deadly Mobile Riverine Force, and fought as no infantry unit of its size ever fought before.

This magnificent "coffee table size" volume is well illustrated and provides a comprehensive overview of the 9th Infantry Division's major battles throughout WWII, and a more detailed history of its service in Vietnam with special stories. Includes 300+ brief biographies of Old Reliable Vietnam veterans.

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
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