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BATTLE OF HURTGEN FOREST, by Charles Whiting. One of the most desperate battles the U.S. Army has ever fought. 1st Infantry Div., 4th Infantry Div., 5th Armored Div., 8th Infantry Div., 9th Infantry Div. HARDCOVER EDITION

Click to EnlargeTHE BATTLE OF HURTGEN FOREST. Thirty thousand American GI's were killed or wounded in the longest battle ever fought by the US Army, a battle largely ignored for half a century. For most rifle companies, casualty rates ran to 50% or more. The U.S. Army regards the Hurtgen Forest as one of the most desperate battles it has ever fought. Flanking the key German city of Aachen, the forest was one of the formidable natural barriers interspersed with German fortifications in the West Wall in September 1944.

This book examines the longest battle, which took place in the Belgian-German border area in September 1944 to February 1945. Did the US Army's High Command, from a place of safety miles away, make disastrous blunders in this battle? The author believes that troops were led to their slaughter because command careers were at stake. 1st Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division., 5th Armored Division, 8th Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Division 290 pages, b/w photos.

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