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EASTER OFFENSIVE: THE LAST AMERICAN ADVISORS IN VIETNAM 1972. The last stand made by the last of the American advisors and South Vietnamese is one of incredible courage, determination and heartbreak. --50% DISCOUNT--

Click to Enlarge50% DISCOUNT--CLEARANCE SALE ITEM-- EASTER OFFENSIVE - Last American Advisors in Vietnam, 1972. by Colonel G.H. Turley, USMC (Ret). Focuses on the I Corps battles including Quang Tri, Dong Ha, the DMZ, Fires Base Pedro & Mai Loc, Ai Tu and others in I Corps. Armor and infantry, and classic tank vrs tank battles, plus the best air and naval support America could bring to the fight. Includes eyewitness accounts of USMC Captain John Ripley's amazing actions at the Bridge at Dong Ha.

South of the DMZ, March 30, 1972, a small cadre of American Army, Air Force & Marine Corps advisors and their Vietnamese counterparts were facing–with incredible courage–an all-out multiple division NVA attack of unimaginable ferocity. 305p Photos, maps. The account of the last stand made by the last of the American advisors and the South Vietnamese is one of incredible courage, action, determination and heartbreak. Fully documented by official records, after-action reports, North Vietnamese Orders of Battle, and personal interviews of those Americans who were there.

Original hardcover editions published in 1985. 350+ pages, maps, photographs and illustrations.

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
Airborne / Elite / Special Ops
Hardcover book
Battles / Campaigns / Strategy

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