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EARLY PACIFIC BATTLES - Great Battles of WW II. 3-DVD Set. Over 8-1/2 HOURS. The early Pacific battles bring heroism and hardship, success and failure... long before victory. Includes Combat Veteran First Person Accounts.

Click to EnlargeEARLY PACIFIC BATTLES - Great Battles of WW II. 3-;DVD Set. Over 8 1/2 Hours Contains Combat Veteran Interviews!

In the aftermath of World War I, the vast Pacific Ocean became the setting for a struggle between imperialistic Japan and isolationist America. Japan, eager for resources it lacked, invaded Manchuria, and later China. The situation in the Far East set Japan on a collision course with the United States, a course that ultimately led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Japan's success on December 7th began an unbroken tide of victory and conquest. For the next six months, the military forces of Imperial Japan swept virtually unchecked throughout the Pacific. However, in May of 1942, the tide began to turn at the Battle of the Coral Sea, before the pivotal American victory at Midway opened the way for the United States to strike back. The question was when and where.

On August 7, 1942, Marines of the First Division went ashore on Guadalcanal, the opening move of what would become a six month struggle to wrest control of the lower Solomon Islands from the Japanese. Much of the American strategy for the war in the Pacific was derived from the experience on Guadalcanal.

The story of these early Pacific battles is one of heroism and hardship, success and failure, and ultimately, final victory. Experience first hand these pivotal battles through the vivid images captured by the combat cameramen and as told by those who were there.

Disc 1
Pearl Harbor
Japanese Paradox
Great Depression
China Incident
Drift To War
Last Days Of Peace
Eleven Minutes Of Terror
Battleship Row
Hell In The Harbor
Second Wave

Extra Feature:
Rescue And Escape
What Went Wrong?
Pearl Harbor In Retrospect
Classic War Trailers

Disc 2
Pacific Turning Point
The Tide Of Conquest
The Battle For The Phillippines
The Early Combat
The Battling bastards Of Bataan
The Phillippines' Final Agony
The Homefront
The Silent Hunters
The Carrier Raids
A Coming Storm
The Battle Of Midway
War Comes To The Aleutians
The Aleutian Patrol
The Invasion Of Attu
The Invasion Of Kiska

Disc 3
First Offensive
The Battle Of Savo Island
First Days Ashore
The Tenaru
The Battle Of The Eastern Solomons
Boredon & Fear
The Battle Of Edson's Ridge
Matanikau River Actions
The Battle Of Cape Esperance
The Bombardment
The Battle For Henderson Field
The Battle Of The Santa Cruz Islands
Actions at Point Cruz & Koli Point
The Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal
The Second Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal
The Final Push

Interactive Timeline Of Major Events: Europe, Russia, North Africa, Solomon Islands May 1942 - February 1943

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