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CBS News presents WAR IN THE PACIFIC WITH WALTER CRONKITE 3-DVD set. 8+ Hours!! From the oceans, the jungles, and to the skies. Filled with gripping combat footage in the Pacific &China-Burma-India.

Click to EnlargeWAR IN THE PACIFIC WITH WALTER CRONKITE - 3DVD Set - Over EIGHT Hours b/w & color film.
World War II was the largest and most destructive war ever waged on earth, engulfing every corner of the globe. WALTER CRONKITE, who first distinguished himself as a war correspondent on the front lines of this conflict, presents a stunning collection which chronicles WWII in the Pacific and in the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theaters of Operations. Filled with gripping combat footage, this collection takes you from the rise of militarism in Japan to the delirious celebrations on VJ day. From the trenches to the skies, here is the story of the campaigns and the commanders, the horror and the heroism of World War II in the Pacific.

This three DVD box set has been reproduced from the original 22 hour CBS News production of "World War II with WALTER CRONKITE" copyrighted in 1982.

Disc 1 THE SEEDS OF WAR -- WALTER CRONKITE surveys the people, places and events that set the stage for the coming war. In the Far East, Japan's plans for regional domination lead to a brutal invasion of China. In America, President Roosevelt tries to prepare the country for the coming storm.

THE PACIFIC: WAR BEGINS -- The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor paved the way for rapid Japenese victories across the Far East. WALTER CRONKITE recounts those dark days, including the destruction of United States airpower in Asia at Clark Field, the fall of Singapore and the defeats at Bataan and Corregidor. Also covered is the daring Doolittle raid, the first strike of the war against the Japanese homeland. Extra Feature: The Life And Death Of The USS Hornet

Disc 2 THE WAR AGAINST JAPAN -- Witness historic military exploits from the Himalayas to the islands of the Central Pacific. Go along with the daring airmen that fly the "Hump" over the Himalayan Mountains, bringing vital supplies to a desperate China. Follow along with the Marines on the invasion of Tarawa, one of the bloodiest and brutal invasions of the war, where America learned the lessons of amphibious warfare the hard way.

WALTER CRONKITE takes you along on the invasion of Okinawa as U.S. forces battle the raging typhoon and the Divine Wind of the kamikaze suicide pilots. Finally, take a unique look at the Enola Gay that ushered in the atomic age and helped end World War II.

This volume documents the long and bloody campaign that took America from Midway to the blood-soaked beaches of Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Climb aboard a B-29 and see how U.S. bombers took the war to Japan's homeland. Extra Feature: Action At Angaur.

This volume is a chronicle of war waged on the fringes of the Pacific Theater. Walter Cronkite examines the war from the steamy jungles of New Guinea to the frozen Aleutian Islands. Also examined are U.S. coastal defenses, the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and the internment of Japanese-American citizens, a troubling chapter of the war on the home front.

Concluding this epic account of World War II in the Pacific, WALTER CRONKITE focuses on the final months of the conflict with Japan. Experience what life in America was like during wartime. See how America responded during the challenging, chaotic days from Pearl Harbor to VJ day. Come aboard the USS Missouri in Toyko Bay as Japan surrenders and witness the events that set the stage for the end of the war in the Pacific. Extra Feature: Two Down And One To Go

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