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BATTLE AT BEST. by S.L.A. MARSHALL. Actual battlefield accounts in WWII & KOREA as only General 'SLAM' Marshall can do...with data gleaned from 'on the spot' interviews with the troops themselves immediately after the battle

Click to EnlargeBATTLE at BEST. S.L.A. Marshall is justly famous for his unique method of battlefield analysis. Includes 1st Marine Division at Chosin Reservoir, 101st Airborne Division in Holland, 7th Infantry Division, 27th Infantry Regiment "Wolfhounds" of 25th Infantry Division in Korea, 27th Infantry Division at Makin Island in the Pacific WWII, 29th Infantry Division at Omaha Beach, the OSS in WWII and more.

Truly tense, exciting and heroic accounts! Summary: In Battle at Best he applies his method of the assessment of data gleaned from "on the spot" interviews with the troops themselves to eight critical combat actions of World War II and Korea. Taken together, these battles illustrate the infinite variety of combat experience and reveal new truths about soldiers under fire.

From the Korean War, General Marshall highlights the role of Easy Company in the attack on Hill 180 ("Fix Bayonets and Follow Me") and two phases of the 1st Marine Division experience during the Chosin Reservoir operation. From World War II comes the title, the fight against overwhelming odds of one platoon of the 101st Airborne Division at Best, Holland and, most movingly, the self-sacrifice of Private Joe Mann. Also included is an account of the 29th Infantry Division at Omaha Beach, two stories of Pacific combat and, finally, a surprising view of the liberation of Paris...and of Ernest Hemingway who participated.

1986 reprint of 1968 edition. 257 pages. 11 maps. US Army and USMC/US Marines in combat.

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