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83rd INFANTRY DIVISION -THUNDERBOLT- in World War II. In combat at Normandy, Loire River Valley, Luxembourg, the horrific Hurtgen Forest, and the Ardennes. DVD

Click to Enlarge83rd Infantry Division "THUNDERBOLT" in World War II. Normandy, impenetrable maze of hedgerows & flooded fields, Loire River Valley, Luxembourg, Hurtgen Forest, Ardennes. Three films:
[1] THE 83rd INFANTRY DIVISION IN EUROPE. Hitting the Normandy beaches at D-Day-plus-12, the 83rd slugged through the impenetrable maze of hedgerows and flooded fields plagued by deadly and invisible enemy fire. Fighting continuously from the Loire River Valley to Luxembourg, the vallant 83rd cut through the Huertgen Forest / Hurtgen Forest to take part in the fierce combat in the Ardennes counteroffensive. Waist-deep in snow, they fought and conquered a German Army determined to hold at all costs.

[2] BREAKOUT & PURSUIT. The story of the First Army's succussful attack on the German Army in Normandy. Emphasis is placed on General Bradley's bold plan to overcome the hedgerows which were death traps for infantry men and armor. The film concentrates on the period of July-August 1944, but covers up to the German border.

[3] FROM AACHEN TO THE ROER RIVER. The Siegfried Line Campaign is covered with considerable attention on the battle of the infamous Hurtgen Forest November and early December 1944.
79 minutes. VHS Format available call toll free 866-242-1811

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