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HONOR AND SACRIFICE: The Montagnards of Ba Cat, Vietnam. In this true story, Honor And Sacrifice asks the question: what is an acceptable level of winning at all costs? The answer may surprise you.

Click to EnlargeHONOR AND SACRIFICE: The Montagnards of Ba Cat, Vietnam, by Anthony Blondell -- U. S. Army. The author, Anthony Blondell, is a retired Green Beret Master Sergeant who served near the Vietnam-Laos border with the Montagnard tribesmen, those small, primitive people who lived in that area. 30 years later, his deep feelings of sorrow and guilt caused him to write this book about the Montagnards whose fierce loyalty was so poorly repaid by us.

By 1961, South Vietnam had lost most of what little support it had from the Montagnards. In an attempt to win them back, the SVN allowed U.S. CIA and Special Forces advisers into the region to befriend and train Montagnard local defense units and reconnaissance teams. It is here where Honor and Sacrifice begins...

The story recounts how a Special Forces Green Beret team was sent to train a South Vietnam Army unit to work with the Montagnards to fight the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. The cost of the operation is set at $5,000 per day. However, the South Vietnamese government decides not to pay. It decides instead to sabotage the mission, beginning an uncontrollable chain of events that leads to the death of American and Vietnamese soldiers and nearly wipes out an entire mountain tribe. The author was part of that failed mission, and he fought, killed, and lied his way out of one impossible situation after another.

In this true story, Honor And Sacrifice asks the question: what is an acceptable level of winning at all costs? His answer may surprise you. Hardcover. 319 pages. B/w photos.

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
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