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PALACE GATE: Under Siege in HUE City, TET 1968. Surrounded in a small MACV Compound, Army, Navy, Marine & Air Force staff personnel fight for their lives.

Click to EnlargePALACE GATE: Under Siege in HUE City, TET 1968. Surrounded & completely cut off for 17 days in the lightly defended Hue MACV compound with Army, Navy, Marine & Air Force personnel, the author presents an unusual view of the furious battle in and around Hue during the initial phase of the TET offensive. January 31, 1968. A cold, dense fog had settled over the city of Hue, South Vietnam. Guards posted at key points around the lightly defended American military advisors' compound stared out into blackness. Nothing could be seen or heard until the blinding flash and shocking concussion of an exploding rocket tore through the fog. A hail of rocket and mortar shells was followed by a ground attack. It was soon obvious to the heterogeneous group (Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force personnel) inside the compound that a large group of people outside the compound wanted to kill them. The Tet battle for Hue was on. The Americans battled for their lives. Illustrations: 32 pages of photographs Pages: Approx. 240 pages

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