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REMAGEN BRIDGE. Secret Operation. The last standing bridge over the Rhine, and the 9th Armored Division's race to capture the bridge intact before the Germans destroyed it too.

Click to EnlargeREMAGEN BRIDGE. Ian Kemp. By the spring of 1945, the war was turning into a rout as the Germans retreated on all fronts. There was, however, one major obstacle to the Allied advance in the west: the River Rhine.

If the retreating German forces were able to destroy the final bridges across the river in advance of the Allied forces reaching them, then the advancing forces would be forced to make an opposed and highly costly in terms of men and materiel crossing of the river.

Thus the Ludendorff railway bridge at Remagen became pivotal. In the months after D-Day, the bridge had been the focus of Allied attempts as destruction in order to prevent German reinforcements crossing it; by the end of 1944

By early March 1945 the Allied forces were less than 10km from the bridge; the bridge at Cologne had already been destroyed accidentally as a bomb caused the detonation charges to explode prematurely and the Remagen bridge became critical.

Extra large volume well illustrated with 170 photos and maps.

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