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ERNIE PYLE's WAR - AMERICAL'S EYEWITNESS TO WWII. WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD FOR BIOGRAPHY. What he called his 'worm's-eye' view of combat set a new standard for war reporting that remains today.

Click to EnlargeERNIE PYLE's WAR - AMERICAL'S EYEWITNESS TO World War II. Ernie Pyle, better than any other World War II journalist, conveyed the triumphs and tribulations of the common soldier trying to survive a brutal war. From North Africa to Normandy and the liberation of Paris until his tragic death on Okinawa, Pyle slogged through endless combat zones to bring the war home to America. James Tobin's engaging and affectionate biography traces this Pulitzer Prize winner's tortured path to fame and shows us why he remains so much a part of our memory of that last "Good War."

"If you think Ernie Pyle is ancient history, think again. Barely half a century ago he was one of the most famous people in America. The columns he wrote were read by millions, anticipated and revered as though they were regular bulletins from a sacred source. . . . What he called his 'worm's-eye' view of combat set a standard for war reporting that remains influential unto this day. . . . A thorough, sympathetic, and revealing book."--Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post Book World

"A portrait of a complex, enormously gifted but tortured writer, entrapped and ultimately driven to death by a sense of obligation to the image he inadvertently created of himself. It is undoubtedly the best biography of Ernie Pyle ever written, but it is much more; few books about combat journalism have so vividly depicted the fascinating interactions between war correspondents and the folks back home. . . . World War II was quintessentially Ernie Pyle's war, and Tobin brilliantly explains why."--Malcolm W. Browne, New York Times Book Review

"A fine and fascinating new biography. Pyle didn't write about warriors and generals and lofty subjects like global affairs. He produced wonderful stories about plumbers and teachers and mechanics and all sorts of regular guys who, due to circumstances they had no control over, went to war and then did their best to win and come home alive."--Daniel LeDuc, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Ernie Pyle showed everybody else the way. He was a hell of a reporter."--Charles Kuralt

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