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Operation Market Garden
Operation Market Garden
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The tragic story of the “bridge too far” and the ill-fated Operation Market Garden—the Allied operation that was supposed to end World War II in 1944. Montgomery’s rather fanciful conclusion that Market Garden was “90% successful” was hardly supported by the facts. The operation was an unmitigated failure. This episode, from the landmark television series Battlefi eld, features fascinating archive footage from all over the world. The program includes a review of the political and military situation before the battle, portraits of leaders and commanders, an explanation of weapons and tactics, and the story of the battle itself. Vivid graphics place the battle into the context of the war as a whole. Approx run time: 1 hr, 45 min. NTSC, Color & B&W, Dolby Stereo. CHAPTERS Introduction Montgomery’s Bold Idea The Allied Forces Allied Commanders Allied Weapons An Armada of the Air The German Response Destination Arnhem Bridge The Final Withdrawa
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